Seeking Stars Art is an art entertainment, collaboration and production company made up of a talented and dedicated group of rising stars offering unique fundraising solutions, art entertainment events, wearable art runway shows, promotional and themed photo shoots and other creative projects, while promoting and advocating for the Arts.


We believe that "art gives back!"

Our team of featured artists, models and promotional partners provide art-inspired products and services that not only elevate their own careers, but also help our clients punch-up shows, special events, conferences and fundraisers, as well as helping them to promote new businesses, venues, art galleries and more.


We bring "life to art and art to life!"

We sell our own limited collection of unique products and services through our web site and at our shows, exhibits and other art-focused events. The art that is available is mostly handmade, or extremely limited, and has been created, or provided exclusively, for sale and/or promotion through Seeking Stars Art, our shows and participating partners.


We provide "art immersive experiences!"

Art is for everyone, and everyone is welcome at our events. Accessorize your life with one of our artistic products, participate in one of our events, support a show or let us do a show for you or your business. Most importantly, be a part of the latest movement in the visual arts industry showcasing the ability to benefit everyone involved through true art immersion and creative collaboration.


Think of us for your next creative project. Walk the walk and Raise Your Star!


"I truly enjoy participating in this collaborative community of talented artists that are willing to learn and grow together, share ideas, cross-promote and participate in group events.  Seeking Stars Art takes care of all the details, allowing me to focus on my art and other ongoing projects."

...Grazia Zalfa,

Published Jewelry Designer, Seeking Stars Art Featured Artist & Role Model


"Seeking Stars Art brings a refreshing burst of entertainment to every event, while validating the importance of community expression and artistic collaboration. Talent, energy and a willingness to cross-promote, collaborate and support one another sets them apart from other creative groups in this competitive industry; and, they are being rewarded for it.”

...Holly Markhoff,

Contemporary Mixed Media Fine Artist & Fundraising Advisor

Seeking Stars Art is an art entertainment company offering creative fundraising solutions, art entertainment events, runway shows, photo shoots and so much more, while actively promoting and advocating for The Arts.

Think of us for your next creative project!
Walk the walk and Raise Your Star!

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