Melissa Craig

Founder & Owner

Melissa oversees all aspects of Seeking Stars Art with a focus on creative collaborations, fundraising solutions and ongoing art advocacy.  She is passionate about supporting The Arts and those that want to elevate their talent.  After retiring from aviation, she established Seeking Stars Art in 2015 in order to provide a variety of events and services that would provide artists and talented youth with new ways to showcase their art, while giving back to charitable organizations along the way.  With a degree in Communications, she is actively managing the membership for the Kent Island Federation of Arts and is a Board Member for Historic Stevensville, MD, Arts & Entertainment.  She is also the Pageant Director for the Mannington District Fair, the second largest fair in WV. 


Ben Kolb

Creative Director & Featured Artist

Ben provides creative input to shows and events.  He also provides unique art products, paintings, wearable art and other necessary show props that are featured and sold exclusively at shows and special events.  He is the owner, resident artist and instructor of Nativibes Studio & Art Gallery in Mannington, WV, and hosts a variety of events and classes at this location in between his travels for other art events.


Stacey Patterson

Backstage Management & Trusted Advisor

Stacey is a trusted advisor to the team and is responsible for all backstage management during events and shows.  This includes overseeing hair, make-up and styling activities, crisis control and final line-up and review of all runway models and showcased products.  She is extremely detail-oriented and brings high-energy as a master multi-tasker that manages what happens in the backstage environment to ensure a successful show for our audience.  She is also the Assistant Pageant Director for the Mannington District Fair in WV.


Holly Markhoff

Contemporary Mixed Media Artist & Fundraising Advisor

Holly is a trusted advisor in the area of fine arts and fundraising activities.  She has a studio in her home in Richmond, VA, and in the city's Museum District.  Her work can be seen in corporate collections throughout the state of Virginia, and in private collections nationally and internationally.  Her background, experience and knowledge has proved instrumental in establishing a solid foundation for the team. See Holly's complete collection at


Grazia Zalfa

Featured Artist & Jewelry Designer

Grazia has provided creative input to the team since their earliest days.  She has also contributed the bulk of the jewelry designs that have been featured in the runway shows.  Every piece she creates is a one-of-a-kind, original design that will never be duplicated.  Her work is sold exclusively through Seeking Stars Art.