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Published Jewelry Designer & Artist

Grazia has tried everything from Batik painting to quilting over the past 50 years. She enjoys crocheting, sewing, knitting, wire-working, and intricate bead work. All of these talents and skills have produced hundreds of pieces, multiple publishings, creative fulfillment and much success within the industry. She is a passionate, jewelry designer and artist highly regarded by her peers.

She has collected beads and other exotic items of inspiration from around the world during her travels. Grazia is inspired by her surroundings and will work tirelessly on a piece until she is completely happy with the overall look and design.


Every piece is a one-of-a-kind, original design and will never be duplicated.

Published Jewelry Designer and Artist, Grazia Zalfa in her home studio location
Beadazzled book featuring Grazia Zalfa unique and original jewelry designs
Grazia Zalfa original designs for the website
Melissa and Grazia in her home studio
Melissa and Artist, Grazia Zalfa in her home studio location
Featured Model Mickaylea wearing a Grazia Zalfa original necklace design
Team meeting at Grazia's home studio
Featured Model Mickaylea wearing a Grazia Zalfa original necklace design
US National Arboretum photo shoot in DC

Photos: Grazia Zalfa in her home studio surrounded by a small portion of her unique art collection from her travels around the world. She is wearing one of her own creations in the photo; The Beadazzled book by Penelope Diamanti that is currently available for purchase on Amazon and features numerous one-of-a-kind Grazia necklace designs including the one shown on the cover; A selection of unique necklaces for the website; Seeking Stars Art Founder, Melissa Craig wearing a Grazia Zalfa one-of-a-kind necklace with Moroccan shells and rare beads that are more than 100 years old; Melissa and Grazia in her home studio; Featured Model, Mickaylea, wearing one of Grazia's unique turquoise designs; Melissa, Grazia, Mickaylea and Stylist, Ashley Evans all wearing their own Grazia necklaces in her home studio during a product review meeting; Mickaylea wearing layered Grazia necklaces on the beach; Mickaylea wearing a Venetian glass Grazia necklace for a DC photo shoot.


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