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Ben Kolb

Creative Director & Featured Artist
Artist Statement
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Ben Kolb is the owner, resident artist and instructor of Nativibes Studio & Art Gallery in Mannington, WV, specializing in hand-pounded metal, carved bone and abalone shell, as well as other unique hand-painted wearable art pieces. In addition to his jewelry collection, he offers nature-inspired, folk impressionism paintings, along with unique watercolor, coffee and coal collections utilizing a variety of materials that are framed in sleek black or recycled barnwood. Commissions available upon request. Ben is also an active SSA creative team member directing many of the runway productions.

What Are Nativibes?
by Ben Kolb

Barefoot, communing with the forest floor

A primal connection with those who came before

Races of people thought not of waste and greed

Lending their spirits to fulfilling what they need

To thrive, survive life's journey, the reward

One love for each other, for Earth's accord

Left ancient markings long gone to the eyes

Still felt in the souls of those who can recognize

The love they shared in the stories told

Around scores of pyres ten thousand years old

Hunt, gather, make their own tools with pride

Respect for the bounty great spirits provide

In touch with themselves, in touch with the land

All life has value in the hearts of ancient man

Their beats still echo through the terrain today

Once the trappings of lux are stripped away

Use what one must to live and take heed

The wisest can discern between comfort and need

Sometimes one must look to long gone tribes

To know the land, thyself, find one's own Nativibes

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