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Our "Ready to Fly" photo shoot was a wild time with wildlife at the West Virginia Raptor Rehabilitation Center (WVRRC) to celebrate the spirit of the season, support the arts and benefit a wonderful organization. Last year, the team went “Elegantly Insane” at the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum for Halloween with great success, and this year we were “Ready to Fly!”  Our latest multi-state, creative, collaboration project was a scary-beautiful photo shoot featuring the birds from the WVRRC, located on Bunner Ridge Road in Fairmont, WV. Photos from this project were used to promote a follow-up Halloween fundraising event to benefit the WVRRC. Featured birds included: "Vader" (a turkey vulture), "Shadow" (a swallow-tailed kite) and "Hootie" (a great horned owl).


Additional project credits:  WVRRC Director of Operations, Mike Book. Creative Director and photographer, Ben Kolb of Nativibes (WV), with additional art-inspired products by Roxan Waluk (VA), Grazia Zalfa (VA), Norma Fredrickson (VA) and Megan Brown (WV).  Featured performers include Rileigh Fortney and Franchesca Aloi (both from WV).  Featured models included Lydia McCartney, Paige Lowe, Kendall Williams, Kealey Payton, Adia Kolb (all from WV), Alexandra Lazarescu-Bica (VA) and Aneesah Umrani (MD), with assistance from WVRRC handlers, Susanne Coulson and Kelly Smith. Make-up by A Winning Blush LLC (MD), hair by Shear Hair Salon & Spa (WV) and Aneesah Umrani (MD), with dresses and other accessories provided by The Fashion Scene (WV), La fille Colette (MA) and other generous supporters.  Seeking Stars Art Owner & Founder, Melissa Craig (VA) with production assistance from Stacey Patterson, Adia Kolb and Gable Kolb (all WV). 


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