West Virginia Raptor Rehabilitation Center (WVRRC) photo shoot featuring a number of birds including this great horned owl
The Dairy Barn Gallery runway show in Middleburg, VA
Model Autumn in the Stars & Stripes Photo Shoot
Model Franchesca performing at the Speak Easy, Be Heard show in Middleburg, VA
  • January:
    Ben Kolb starts Art Classes for all ages at the new Nativibes Studio & Art Gallery in Mannington, WV

    15:  Ben Kolb Tracing Faces Exhibition Opening Reception at the MAC Gallery in Morgantown, WV
    16:  Seeking Stars Art Nativibes Grand Opening Show Rehearsal in Mannington, WV
    30:  Norma Fredrickson at Beatles Quilt Show and giving presentations at multiple Northern VA locations

  • February
     8:  Grazia Zalfa product review meeting in McLean, VA
    11:  Norma Fredrickson product review meeting with Stylist, Ashley Evans in Berryville, VA
    12:  Ben Kolb Nativibes Gallery pre-show set-up from 3-9pm
    13:  Ben Kolb Nativibes Studio & Art Gallery Grand Opening Celebration "Show Your Love" for the arts show in Mannington, WV from 3-9pm

  • March: 
    11:  Seeking Stars Art product & promotion meeting with Norma Fredrickson in Middleburg, VA
    18:  Ben Kolb Watercolor Basics Workshop at the Nativibes Studio & Art Gallery in Mannington, WV
    20:  Seeking Stars Art maternity-themed photo shoot in Middleburg, VA

    21:  Norma Fredrickson product look book photo shoot in Berryville, VA (followed by a team meeting)
    22:  Grazia Zalfa product look book photo shoot in McLean, VA
    23:  Ashley Evans collaboration RAW runway show featuring Seeking Stars Art wearable art in Baltimore, MD
    25:  Roxan Waluk & Ashley Evans product look book photo shoot in Delaplane, VA

  • April: 
    7:  Ben Kolb hosts the Youth Nativibes Art Class (ages 8-12) Open House Event from 2-4pm
    7:  Owner, Melissa Craig and team contributor Holly Markhoff meet with Bryne Art Gallery in Middleburg, VA
    9:  Ben Kolb product look book photo shoot in Mannington, WV
    10:  Owner, Melissa Craig meeting with Private Art Gallery in Middleburg, VA
    11:  Ben Kolb hosts the Kinder-vibes Art Class (ages 5-7) Open House Event from 2-4pm
    13-17:  Owner, Melissa Craig on travel with model Adia in New York, NY
    16:  Roxan Waluk at the Spring Fling at Miracle Valley Vineyard with a variety of vendors and artisans from 1-5pm in Delaplane, VA
    16:  Roxan Waluk works on display at Byrne Gallery in Middleburg, VA
    22:  Ben Kolb at MMS PTO Paint Party from 6-9pm in Mannington, WV
    23:  Ben Kolb hosts Prom photo selfie station from 10-6pm at the Nativibes Studio & Art Gallery in Mannington, WV

  • May: 
    1:  Roxan Waluk Jewelry Show at Park Fairfax Party Room in Alexandria, VA
    7:  Ben Kolb at Cheat River Festival Art Market in Albright, WV
    21:  Norma Fredrickson at aMuse art and craft festival in Winchester, VA
    21:  Seeking Stars Art private trunk show in Middleburg, VA
    26:  Seeking Stars Art team meeting with Mentor Gallery at 3pm in Middleburg, VA
    27:  Seeking Stars Art rehearsal & set-up for Shenandoah Arts Council Show in Winchester, VA
    28:  Seeking Stars Art Fashion Ruway Show "Dancing with Color" at the Shenandoah Arts Council from 6-8pm in Winchester, VA
    29:  Seeking Stars Art team meeting with International group in Sterling, VA at 11am

  • June: 
    7:  Norma Fredrickson private meeting with local business 2-4pm in VA (confidential location)
    14-16:  Norma Fredrickson at Power In The Spirit, an event of the Virginia Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America
    18:   Seeking Stars Art Summer Vibes Fashion Lab 2016 at Nativibes Studio & Art Gallery from 10am-4pm in Mannington, WV
    19:  Seeking Stars Art team meeting with "Art Gives Back" Charitable Organization/photo shoot planning session (confidential location)
    24:  Seeking Stars Art team attending Fairmont State University Town & Gown "Children of Eden" production to support Model Franchesca
    25-26:  Seeking Stars Art attending the Miss WV Scholarship Pageant to support Model Rileigh in Morgantown, WV
    26:  Ben Kolb participates in a collaborative underwater photo shoot in MD with Model Megan


  • July:
    8:  Ben Kolb hosts the Mannington High School All Class Reunion Welcome Party at the Nativibes Studio & Art Gallery in Mannington, WV
    8-11:  Owner, Melissa Craig on travel in Darian, CT
    16:  Seeking Stars Art annual summer fashion show and photoshoot at Miracle Valley Vineyard from 11-5pm in Delaplane, VA
    17:  Seeking Stars Art team meeting with private gallery in Middleburg, VA in preparation for September show
    22:  Seeking Stars Art meetings with artist, Holly Markhoff and others in Richmond, VA

  • August: 
    13:  Holly Markhoff opening reception at the Byrne Art Gallery in Middleburg, VA
    14:  Seeking Stars Art team meeting with CCL Talent Management Company in Winchester, VA
    18:  Seeking Stars Art Preliminary meeting with Fall Exhibition and Fashion Show Art Gallery
    20:  Seeking Stars Art Fashion Event at the Nativibes Studio & Art Gallery in Mannington
    , WV
    26:  Seeking Stars Art participates in "Art Explosion" through The Byrne Gallery in Middleburg, VA
  • September: 
    8-10:  Norma Fredrickson has two quilts on display in the Flint Festival of Quilts in Flint, MI
    10:  Seeking Stars Art private art collection meeting, The Plains, VA
    17-18:  Ben Kolb at the WV Wine and Jazz Festival in Morgantown, WV
    21-23:  Seeking Stars Art rehearsal & set-up for The Dairy Barn Gallery in Middleburg, VA
    22:  Seeking Stars Art team dinner in Gainsville, VA
    24:  Seeking Stars Art Exhibition, Filming & Runway Fashion Show at The Dairy Barn Gallery 4-9pm in Middleburg, VA

  • October: 
    1-2:  Norma Fredrickson participates as a studio artist in Clarke County Studio Tour
    8:  Seeking Stars Art annual scary-themed photo shoot at the WV Raptor Rehabilitation Center (WVRRC) in Fairmont, WV
    13-16:  Seeking Stars Art teardown from The Dairy Barn Gallery show in Middleburg, VA
    29:  Seeking Stars Art Halloween event with the birds of the WVRRC at the Nativibes Studio & Art Gallery starting at 4pm in Mannington, WV
    30:  Seeking Stars Art team breakfast in Fairmont, WV

  • November: 
    4-23:  Ben Kolb participates in "Bare Form" at the Monongalia Arts Center (MAC) in Morgantown, WV
    17:  Seeking Stars Art meets with the Byrne Gallery in Middleburg, VA
    30:  Ashley Evans arrives in Middleburg, VA


  • December: 
    1:  Seeking Stars Art promotional video taping and team meeting at a private location in Middleburg, VA
    2:  Ben Kolb rehearsal & set-up for holiday show and town tree lighting celebratory event in Middleburg, VA
    3-11:  Ben Kolb holiday showing at The Byrne Gallery from 11-5pm in Middleburg, VA
    17:  Roxan Waluk private holiday jewelry party from 3-7pm in Gainsville, VA

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